About Me

Welcome – Welcome – Welcome!

If you were stopping by for a visit, now is the time that I would offer you a cup of coffee, cool glass of iced sweet tea, or some kind of baked good. 

Nowadays I feel like everyone and their sister is trying to spout “knowledge” on a blog. Posting pictures of their perfect home and well-behaved children, amazing looking meals that have a million ingredients and never look like the pictures, and of course articles on how having a clutter free and organized home is so easythat if my home is not perfect, there is something wrong with me. 

This blog is not like that at all!

 Life is hard, confusing, and challenging. As a mother I am CONSTANTLY second guessing myself and worrying that I scarred my child for life because I accidentally put his diaper on too tight that one time. As a military spouse there are new challenges around every corner that I wish I knew how to handle ahead of time. As a full time, RV “dweller” I just wish I didn’t feel scared that the slide is going to fall off because I sat down too hard on the couch or knew what cleaning products I was supposed to use in the bathroom before we moved in (still don’t know!).  

This blog is for YOU reader! I want you to learn from my mistakes, laugh with me, and glean some useful tidbits that will help you along your journey in life as you strive to find your normal in this not normal world. 

Now about me – I am young military spouse (Marine Corps – OORAH!) with a little buddy who tags along for our adventures. I am a business administration college graduate who has had some experience in the “working world” in accounting and customer service. My family and I recently moved into a 5thwheel with the primary purpose of being able to spend more time outside, enjoying national parks and other attractions that are everywhere! I have lived on the East Coast and West Coast and traveled across the country and overseas. I enjoy reading nonfiction, listening to political, financial, and marriage podcasts, running, drinking coffee, watching Hulu and becoming waayyy to involved in the Bachelor franchise. I love to cook, bake, scrap book (yah… that’s still a thing), organize, and try to figure out ways to become more efficient and organized – in other words – how can I do less cleaning and less laundry this week. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and please – please leave comments or contact me about your experiences or mistakes so that we can console each other.

– Sarah