Attainable Goal Setting

The end of the year is a time for self reflection and evaluation. It is also a time for hopeful planning and predictions of what you want the upcoming year to look like.

I don’t just pick random things for the next year – I stay focused on my 10 and 5 year goals and make plans for the upcoming year that will help me make the strides necessary to achieve those longterm versions of myself. I wasn’t always like this, I promise, I blame my business professors. 

Daughter born in February, a major goal accomplishment!

If you want to (hopefully) avoid a midlife crises then you should really have some (merciful) 10 & 5 year goals. I say merciful because no one knows what the future holds, just look at this past year! So here are some questions to get your brains thinking towards some 2021 goals

Ask yourself:

  • Where do I see myself in 5 years…10 years?
  • Is my current job/major sustainable or do I enjoy going to work at least most of the time?
  • Am I happy with my current relationship/is this a long term relationship? (For all of the people who are not married)
  • Are there are any hobbies I have let fall to the wayside that I want to pick up again or perhaps start a new one?
  • Is my currently lifestyle (eating/drinking/health) sustainable for the longterm? Is it allowing me to be the best version of myself?

And that is all we are really wanting to be right? The best version of ourselves. 

We spent most of our summer at the beach – which was a “goal” for us, believe it or not.

So, why don’t you take a moment and right down what the best version of yourself looks like.

Are you in your current job/town/apartment? Are you married? Do you have pets or kids? Maybe you have a shelf full of trinkets from all the places you have traveled too. Are you in the current physical shape you are in now with the same exercise and diet? 

Any who – now that you have the best version of yourself down on paper, ask yourself how you are going to achieve that.

That is where you get your 10/5/1 year goals! See, it’s not that extreme, and ya’ll were judging me just a few minutes ago for being too extreme. 

My goal was to hike 100 miles this year but I only did 50, which was 50 more than I did last year so that is OK!

For this current year you are going to want to break it down even further. I’m sure the best version of you wasn’t just one dimensional, therefore you need to work on everything. 

I break it down like this:

Physical: Working out, body imagine, diet & nutrition 

Spiritual: My relationship with Christ

Mental: How am I going to strive towards positive mental health

Financial: Steps towards a debt free life, padded savings, & retirement

Hobbies: Hiking, scrapbooking, reading, organizing, volunteering

Relationships: My marriage, friendships & extended family

Career:  Are there courses I can take to further my skillset, look for a job?

After you break it down and give yourself goals for each of those categories; then you can break it down even further from a yearly goal to monthly goals and then from monthly goals to weekly goals. 

Maybe this seems a little overwhelming to you because instead of just 5 new years resolutions you have 5 for each category and now you have 35 new years resolutions. It’s okay, don’t get overwhelmed, they should all work together – I will give you an example. 

Continued to remodel our home, which of course was a goal of mine.

Personally, I want to achieve mental health by being content with what I have. I don’t want to “retail therapy” any more. By not using retail therapy I will be saving money which will aid me in my financial goal of paying off my student loans. Everyone knows you can’t just stop a bad habit cold turkey and that it is best to replace a bad habit with a better one. I want to replace my shopping addiction with working out, focusing on a healthy diet & organizing/decluttering. I think by working out I will be able to produce some happy hormones, a better self image and fill up time that I might have used to shop on Amazon. I think that by decluttering my home & organizing my space it will keep me busy but also teach me to be content with what I have instead of searching for something else to make me happy. 

You see how my physical, mental, financial, and hobby goals all are connected? I honestly could have kept connecting the dots but this post is long enough already. 

The (almost) last step is to make sure you are able to keep track of your progress. There is nothing more motivating that being able to look back over where you were to where you are. Why do you think there are so many “Transformation pictures” and “before and after” pictures all over the world wide web. You can keep track with a simple journal or binder – maybe get fancy and do a bullet journal. I like to use a binder, that way if I feel the need to reorganize my notes I can. 

Don’t get overwhelmed.

If you have some serious goals that you need to accomplish this year then don’t focus so much on the other things. It’s good to have a variety but the serious stuff comes first. Just have fun with this and maybe try to set aside some time to check off items on your bucket list, book reading list, or find more time to meditate and slow down. 

I hope you enjoy dreaming of future you and all of the amazing things you can do and be. 5 years ago I would never have told you that I see myself being a full time RVer, in Southern California, no fancy shoe collection, obsessed with crocs, hiking as a hobby with my pee funnel safely in my back pocket, but yet, here I am – and freaking loving it. 

So go ahead, dream big and don’t be afraid to take chances.

Happy New Year blog family.

One thought on “Attainable Goal Setting

  1. You are the most thought-filled young lady I have ever met and a very deep thinker. Good for you!! Blessings in all your plans .. short ranged as well as long term! Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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