Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

Christmas is here and so is last minute shopping for the littles. Who knew shopping for little people could be so hard. Although toddlers and babies won’t necessarily remember theses Christmas’s (especially the babies) we feel obligated to get them as many gifts as possible – whether or not they will actually play with them let alone spark any kind of creativity or learning.

This year I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 10 month old girl. Thankfully my son is OBSESSED with cars, construction vehicles, tractors, trains, and baby shark – but come on, how many hot wheels does one kid need? My adorable daughter LOVES faces (so that would mean stuffed animals & baby dolls) but is that enough to fill a Christmas tree, let alone a stocking?

To aid you in your quest to find gifts for the littles here are some of my “go to” favorites, some of which I have actually purchased this year for my own little monsters.

  1. Books: Books are the gifts that keep on giving. Books can be passed down from child to child or child to grandchild. They provide the opportunity for quality time with parent to child and can be used over and over again. Something my family has come to love is a trip to Barnes & Nobles. Let your little ones hunt around the childs section and see what draws their attention. This is also a great time to pick up some books for yourself or your spouse as an extra Christmas Present.
  2. Blocks: Blocks, lincoln logs, rainbow stacking toys… Just search “childrens blocks” on Amazon and you will have an endless supply of unique building blocks for children. Both of my children as babies LOVED (and currently love) building blocks. I stack them up and they knock them down, then they eventually learn to stack them on their own, THEN they can use them to build houses for their animals or garages for their cars. Even if you already have a set of blocks, consider getting another type of building toy.
  3. Puzzles: My son learned the aphabet, his numbers, colors, shapes, farm animals, and construction vehicles all by doing puzzles with me. Melissa & Doug have incredible puzzles that encourage learning in a creative way. Once again, just search “puzzles” on amazon or look at your local Walmart/Target.
  4. Arts/Crafts: Playdough, crayons, markers, coloring pencils, finger paints, water colors, stickers, coloring books… There are a TON of craft options for a toddler and just because he/she hasn’t been interested in one thing in the past doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy another. My son hates water colors but enjoys finger painting and coloring with me. They are great stocking stuffer options or you could find a Playdough set that would interest your child (I got my toddler a dino playdough set for Christmas this year).
  5. Fisher Price: Fisher price has a ton of great options for babies, some of which I got my own baby this year. I prefer the toys that encourage babies to learn motor functions such as twisting, pushing buttons, stacking, and flipping a switch. Fisher Price mainly uses plastic for their toys and if you like the concept but not the plastic you can always look at a company that uses alternative materials.
  6. Experiences: Toddlers aren’t too young to appreciate a membership to the local amuesment park, zoo, aquarium, or Skyzone. That is exactly what we are getting our son this year, a years membership to skyzone. Although he won’t understand what a membership is, he will know that he gets to go to “the trampoline park” and in the moment that will be enough.

And there you have it – my recomendations of gifts for toddlers and babies. I got my children something from everyone of these suggestions & I know they will enjoy each one of them.

Do you have any tried and true gift suggestions for toddlers and babies that I left out?

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