The Pantry Remodel Part 2

I ended “part 1” of the pantry remodel claiming that this project is “costly, time consuming and tedious” … WOW I’m really selling this project to ya aren’t I?

What I mean is that out of all the projects for the RV this one has a lot more steps and parts than our other larger projects, AND if doing things right requires more patience. It’s up to you to decide if this project is worth the lesson in patience. To me, it was absolutely worth it!

I have one more thing to address from the last post. Painting the cabinet!! How I painted it was first with a primer and then two thin coats of the black paint. There – that was easy. (If you would like to know the brand and specific paint I used you can find them listed in Part 1)

I really wanted this corner pantry to be multi-functional (coffee & tea corner/storage/buffet/extra counter space for cooking/electronic charging station), therefore, I needed multiple outlets. I cut a hole in the back of the cabinet for the outlet to poke through, and also cut off a corner of the countertop for the extension cord to run through. (All I needed to make these adjustments was a small hand saw)

Although this seems like a small adjustment it is actually very important. Before I built this pantry the charging wires and Keurig wires were out in the open and a constant attraction to my toddler. Being able to hide them inside the cabinet AND being able to have the electronics charge out of reach of the toddler gives me peace of mind. Quite frankly, I think it just looks prettier.

Once the cabinet was in it’s place, holes and all, I gorilla glued the counter top (aka ply wood) onto the cabinet and stuck some heavy objects on top for it to dry securely in place.  

The next and easiest part of this project was mounting the floating shelves. I wanted three shelves NOT equally spaced apart. *gasp* I know, I know OCD people it must make you crazy, BUT, I didn’t know what I was going to be using the shelves for at this point in the project. I wanted to give myself some options.

To mount the shelves we screwed the shelf brackets into the wall (after much measuring and attempts to find wall studs) and then laid the shelves on top. **keep in mind that since they aren’t screwed down you will want to be aware of weight distribution.

As far as storage for inside the cabinet it was just one big cabinet with no shelves. The no shelf thing wasn’t going to work for me, so I used some extra shelf brackets to mount inside the cabinet (the screws did stick out the back) and then laid a piece of wood overtop. Another convenient tip is to use command hooks and hook your collapsible cookware on the sides of the cabinet. (I am still constantly rearranging the inside of this cabinet to find an arrangement that is efficient)

To make it pretty, I put some peel and stick subway tile on the wall, twinkle lights, and little pictures and figurines that bring me joy. It is definitely fun to decorate for the holidays and has already proven itself by serving as a buffet for dinner, charging station for all of our many electronics, a coffee station, and excellent & easy access storage.

I am so glad I encountered a road block early on that forced me to go with the open shelving concept. Because of that, it makes our RV feel much more open and spacious. This corner is by far my favorite spot of the RV and I can’t help but be so proud of end result.

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