My Postpartum Recovery List

Mothers, mothers, mothers… You are the kindest, most selfless, and thoughtful human beings on the planet. For 9 months you gave up the privacy and comfort of your own bodies to grow a human being. You had to watch what you ate, drank, how you exercised, increased the number of bathroom breaks you had to take, and lost so-so much precious sleep. AND STILL the number one thought on your mind is, “do I have everything I need for my baby?”.

That was me my first time around. I needed to make sure that I had every outfit, medicine, toy, chair, and gadget for my baby and never once thought about what I might need for myself after my baby was here. 

Honestly? My baby was JUST fine in a sleeper and being held by his mommy. I on the other hand, did not fair so great… (My First Experience with Postpartum)

NOONE had warned me about the needs of a postpartum mother. (My older sister did look out for me on the needs of a nursing mother – she brought me a little basket with essentials.)

The truth is, is that often the mother’s needs get neglected once the baby arrives – I don’t believe anyone is doing it intentionally, it just happens. Even the mother doesn’t stop to think about herself. 

But this time I am putting just as much thought and planning into my recovery, as I am the baby’s. This is my second go at pregnancy/labor/recovery, therefore, I have a little bit of experience to help me prepare.

I have compiled a list of MUSTS for a Mother, things that I couldn’t live without once my son was here. I have also included a few new things that I am going to try out and see if it helps the recovery process. 

Without further ado – here is the list!

  1. Tucks
  2. Prep H
  3. Dermoplast 
  4. Sits Bath (Epsom salts optional)
  5. Poop Pills
  6. Donut seat
  7. Ice pads for undies
  8. Nipple cream
  9. Breast pads
  10. Milk catcher
  11. Daytime Nursing bra
  12. Nighttime Nursing bra
  13. Nursing nightgown 
  14. Breast pump & storage bags
  15. Nursing pillow
  16. Nursing cover (for when guests visit or for when you are out and about)
  17. Prenatal vitamins (Or whatever supplements you have been taking or plan on taking) 
  18. Tylenol/Motrin
  19. Water cup (If you don’t already have a designated water cup you will definitely want one if you are nursing)
  20. Facemasks
  21. Postpartum/Recovery tea
  22. Books (I read so many books on my Kindle while nursing my first, this time I have planned ahead and picked a few that really intrigue me)

A lot of these things can be found at your local drug store or Walmart. I purchased most of my things on Amazon this time because why not. 

All of the things on the list that are needed for the bathroom I keep in a basket in the bathroom – all together and easily accessible. 

You might be wondering why I put “facemasks” on my list. Well, taking a 15 min break to sit on my sitz bath and do a facemask was a game changer for me – I felt refreshed and I needed that quiet time. This time around I am going to add the postpartum/recovery tea into the routine. 

Lastly, Mommies, make sure you stock up on shower products, makeup products, and medications you take. The last thing you want to have happen to you during the next few weeks postpartum is to run out of shampoo RIGHT when you are going to shower. Stocking up on your stuff will make you feel less anxious and give you peace of mind as you near the due date. 

Please keep in mind that this is my list for a vaginal birth. I have never had a C-section and therefore I do not have a list of “musts” for that recovery. If any of you readers have had a C-section PLEASE comment what your musts are for a recovery. 

Take care of yourselves Mommies and have some fun with it.

3 thoughts on “My Postpartum Recovery List

  1. I’ve had 4 C-sections, my most recent 2 months ago. You feel inhuman and vulnerable for 6 weeks of recovery…my personal list?
    1) skip yet another pill and eat high fiber, low protein to avoid constipation first week.
    2) small drink bottles already filled for convenience and because you can’t lift heavy drink containers
    3) Gownie brand adorable hospital gown on Amazon for your 3 day hospital stay (I finally treated myself with this, and I felt so cute and so covered!)
    4) books and book light for late night nursing
    5) frozen convenience foods for first 3 weeks

    After 4, I can say I agree, moms fail to realize how IMPORTANT it is to take care of our needs.


    1. Crystal, thank you so much for the list! I thought about getting a gownie and read so many good things about them – I ended up going with a nursing nightgown off of amazon


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