The Pantry Remodel Part 1

A few months ago, I wrote about “Why we were remodeling the RV”, but I have yet to post about the actual remodeling process.

Well, you’re in luck my friends because today is the day that I FINALLY break the silence on the many projects we have been working on. 

Although we started the remodeling process in September of 2019, I have only completed one project and that would be the kitchen pantry/coffee corner.  This project was definitely more complicated than anticipated and therefore I will have to break it up into two posts. Part 1 – The vision, tear down, preparation, and what you’ll need. Part 2 – The construction and end result. 

The original pantry was deep, narrow, and inconvenient. There was just no way to store my pots, pans, instant pot, crockpot, and groceries in a convenient way that would allow me to access an item without taking everything out. Adding additional shelving only made the situation worse, not better.

Therefore, the entire pantry needed to go. We decided on a large bottom cabinet that would also give us counter space and an upper cabinet. However, when we got the upper cabinet we realized it was WAY too heavy to mount on the wall and had to resort to open shelving… every homemakers worst nightmare – their pantry goods out on display… canned beans… guilty pleasure snacks… ramen… you get the picture.

To get started, I have complied a list of the tools and products needed for this specific project. I tried to link as much as I could to show ya’ll exactly what we used.

  1. Power Drill
  2. Power Sander
  3. Sand Paper
  4. Spackling
  5. Wood Stain
  6. Wood Seal
  7. Paint Brushes/roller and Stain/Seal Brushes
  8. Black Paint
  9. White Paint
  10. Bottom Cabinet
  11. Countertop wood
  12. Shelving wood
  13. Wall Mounts
  14. Protective eye wear for sanding
  15. Face mask for sanding/painting
  16. Gorilla Glue (or wood glue)

Now before you start the project, here are some things to keep in mind!

  • We purchased our power drill and sander because we knew we were going to be doing a lot of projects, however, you can easily and cheaply rent them.
  • As far as paint brushes go, you can use whatever brand you like. **warning** they can get pretty expensive!
  • The wood we used for the countertop and the shelving were plywood pieces from HomeDepot (I liked HomeDepot’s selection better than Lowe’s). I think we paid about 5-7 dollars per sheet. Both HomeDepot and Lowe’s cut your wood for free – so make sure to have your measurements ready!
  • Make sure you do your research on what grit of sandpaper to use on the type of wood you will be using.
  • Absolutely, 100% do the sanding, staining and sealing outside!!! It is a stinky and tedious process that you will not want to be done in your house… trust me on this one…

Step 1 – Remove the existing pantry. I think this step is pretty self explanatory in that you simply remove everything that you want gone. There were A LOT of screws in this pantry so it did take us quite a bit of time to remove them all. Be careful if there is an outlet or light in the pantry, like there was in ours, you don’t want to cut any wires.

Step 2 – Wash the walls, sand the holes left by the screws, and spackle the holes. I washed my walls with PineSol and water. Just a simple wipe down, don’t soak them.

Step 3 – Paint the Walls – I painted my walls white, which required 3 coats. Thankfully, the paint I used is a low oder/fast drying paint!

Step 4 – Prep the Wood/Cabinet – This stage is tedious but oh so important. I lightly sanded the cabinet, shelves and counter top. Then I stained them with the golden pecan color (only needed one light coat). Next I sealed them for a smooth and water resistant finish. **Make sure you thoroughly read the instructions for the staining and sealing process. It is VERY important to do exactly what the instructions say!

And that my friends is the equipment, products and tools, and “prep work” you will need to get started on the pantry renovating process. Originally I thought I could accomplish this project in one weekend, however, it probably took me a little over two weeks to complete.

Although this project is tedious, costly, and time consuming, it is well worth the work and definitely my favorite place in the house now that it is complete.

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