Oreo Balls

It is that time of year that bakers go crazy trying to make enough cookies to give out to neighbors, teachers, display on elaborate cookie trays for church functions, work parties, and family get togethers. Everybody loves cookies/Christmas treats but few know just how much time, effort, planning, and even money go into these edible Christmas traditions. (I literally spent 20 dollars on butter yesterday just for cookies!)

Like most people, I want my cookie trays to be colorful, full of variety and delicious! I decided I needed a few chocolate things (and desperately wanted something peppermint) and took to Pinterest for some help. Pinterest did not disappoint! I discovered the easiest seasonal recipe you will make and I am more than happy to share!

Yup, it’s that ridiculously easy, and cheap I might add! ***If you want to know how to make these into peppermint Oreo balls, scroll to the end!!***

As far as things that I did differently – I have a smaller food processor so I had to divide my Oreos and cream cheese into three groups to be able to fully blend. No worries because I was easily able to smash it all together in a bowl once I was done pureeing it.

What I also ended up doing was chopping the Oreos first and then adding the cream cheese to puree together. The mixture was super easy to roll – it didn’t stick to my fingers at all (like I originally thought it would).

The dipping was a little hard for me. My fork kept stabbing the Oreo ball and making my white chocolate speckled. My guess is that if I would have left them in the freezer longer they would have been a little harder and not come apart so easily. I finally ended up using a spoon to scoop them onto the fork to drain and that helped my chocolate dipping skills quite a bit.

IF – you would like to take this treat a step further then I highly recommend using peppermint extract in the chocolate and rolling the Oreos in crushed candy cane.

It is really that easy and fun to make. I can’t wait to put my cookie tray together and see how pretty these look next to my other cookies and treats.

A word to the wise – HIDE THESE! My husband keeps sneaking them out of their safe little Christmas tin and devouring them. My 19 month old calls them “bubbles” and one “bubble” does not satisfy this little monster! Hopefully they will last long enough to make it to the cookie tray.

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