Why We Are Remodeling the RV

The time has FINALLY come where I can let loose all of my childhood dreams of interior design and decorating. Ya’ll, we have begun the remodeling process in our RV.  *insert very excited jazz hands*

That’s right – our practically new 2017 5th wheel is undergoing a HUGE face lift. 

As an RV there was nothing wrong with our baby, but let’s be real, does anyone want to live in an RV?

Let me paint you a picture.

A massive, uncomfortable, space hogging booth right in the middle of your home. An uncomfortable couch that doesn’t face the TV; a deep, narrow pantry that is basically a black hole; awkward cabinets everywhere that aren’t practical for anything, and lastly… All. The. Brown.  

From the rear of the “main living area” facing the front.

I’m not just talking just a little bit of brown here and there that can be fixed with some colorful throw pillows. I’m talking brown floors, brown cabinets, brown walls, brown furniture, brown window coverings and valances. Too much brown can be a very dark and depressing color. 

Get the picture? 

We want our RV to be and feel like our home; cozy, inviting, convenient and efficient use of space and storage, an expression of ourselves and, of course, beautiful.  

Lucky for my husband, I have been dreaming of decorating/designing my own home since I was a little girl. 

That’s right, my sister and I grew up “in the good ole days” when you would have to go outside and use your imagination (and I’m only 24). We would spend most of our time going into great detail over what our house looked like, especially during the holidays. Even during our drives home from college we would keep each other awake by describing how we would decorate our first apartment. The fact is, that I dreamed about decorating a house more than I dreamed about my wedding! 

So, when I say FINALLY, I get to let loose my creative dreams I really do mean FINALLY. 

What are our goals for this remodel?

  • Brighten up the inside of the RV, make it a warm and inviting place
  • Restructure the storage so that it is practical, convenient, and efficient
  • Turn the second bathroom into a laundry room/mudroom
  • Make the second bedroom a 2 baby space!! 
  • Rip out the RV furniture and put in our own comfortable/practical furniture
  • Make it pretty… duh

Things that we are not doing:

  • Sacrificing practicality or safety for aesthetic purposes 
  • Ripping everything out for the sake of ripping everything out
  • Risking the health and safety of this pregnant momma (all that paint/stain/power tools) 
  • Working without a budget
  • Going about this without doing our research
  • Doing the entire remodeling “in one take”

I just want to put your minds at ease concerning this remodeling process. I know there has been A LOT of questions directed towards us (mostly to me) about our motives behind ripping apart a practically new RV while being very pregnant with a toddler. Oh, and we have ZERO handy man experience between the two of us, so that has been fun. 

When we purchased our RV almost a year ago, we purchased it with the intent of remodeling it but wanted to live in it for at least 6 months before we did anything. I am SO glad we made that commitment because we were able to learn a lot about RV living, what we liked/didn’t like, and my color palette and design dreams have changed over the course of 11 months.

Is this remodeling process going to be perfect and flawless? Nope! Are we claiming to be experts or say that “our style” is the absolute best? Never!

We are simply going to be making adjustments that will best meet the needs of our growing family in a tiny space. I am so happy and excited to be sharing our journey with you, and maybe even inspire you to do the same!

My main two sites I have gone to for guidance: Mountain Modern Life and RVfixerupper

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