A few years ago I was sitting in my apartment desperately craving brownies but not in possession of a brownie box mix. I wondered, “Can I make brownies from scratch?”

Yes, that is a silly question but I had honestly never made or tasted a homemade brownie before – it was always from a box.

And so, I went on a quest to discover a brownie recipe that was “to die for” and I think I found it.

Things that I do – I use Hershey’s Cocoa powder, salted butter, vegetable oil (although I have tried olive oil), and I put my dry ingredient through a sifter. Also, I use an avocado spray for the pan (I’ve used regular PAM, as well as coconut spray – doesn’t make a difference).

If you want fudge like brownies I suggest sprinkling some semi sweet chocolate chips on top, right before placing in the oven. Don’t mix the chocolate chips in with the batter – been there, done that – doesn’t come out good.

A few warnings: People WILL ask you for this recipe. Any time I make these brownies for an event without a doubt I get asked for this recipe. Last warning – your house WILL smell like delicious chocolate brownies when you bake these and you will want to eat them all right away. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Brownies

  1. Trying these tonight!! I’ve never made homemade brownies in the almost 26 years I’ve been married.~Alicia


    1. I realized I never said that I did make them and they were delicious! I also just made them again for a game night with my kids☺️


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