Mice in an RV

The day has finally come for me to share my experience with mice invading our home.

When we were considering purchasing an RV and asking around as to the pro’s and con’s of RV living, EVERYONE told us that a mouse infestation was inevitable. Knowing this, I did everything in my power to prevent it…

  • Food kept in glass or plastic containers
  • Never left dirty dishes in the sink for more than a day
  • Swept the floors MULTIPLE times a day
  • Cleaned the vents once a week
  • NEVER left piles of clutter around for more than a day

However, during a month long trip that Little Buddy and I took to visit family on the opposite coast, my husband was not so vigilant.

Two days after I returned, I was playing with Little Buddy in his room and noticed two little black things. Having grown up in “farm country” I knew exactly what it was – mouse turds.

At least it was just two little turds right?

*** WRONG ***

The more I looked the more I found. They were everywhere. In Marcus’s crib (that literally made me sick to my stomach), under every piece of “clutter” I picked up, lining the edges of the RV … everywhere.

After having a mini panic attack, texting my husband, and a quick phone call to my Dad for some advice (a previous RV dweller), I got to work. I threw every piece of clothing/material into the laundry basket to be washed, used Clorox wipes to pick up all of the turds (had to sweep most of them up – there was that many!), washed the floors, walls and surfaces, did a thorough search for turds in cabinets and every room, washed all of our pots, pans and dishes, and hunted for any openings or ways that the unwelcome visitors got in. In total, two days of non stop cleaning and laundry.

Once the major cleaning and investigation was over, it was time to trap the mice. I was advised to avoid using poison as that would only draw them in and of course, I have a one year old close to the ground. I did not want to use glue traps because they can be pretty inhumane (mice will literally gnaw their own legs off to get away) – so that left us with the good ole, classic mouse trap.

AND IT WORKED! We caught two mice immediately. All we did was put a little dab of peanut butter on them and those greedy little *cough* mice went for it.

HOWEVER, (yah, I’m using a lot of caps in this post – deal with it) We discovered another point of entry that very tiny mice were using to get in. Because they were so small the traps were not triggering (gggrrrrrrr). At that point, I was considering glue traps…

Instead of just “waiting” to catch the mice, I wanted to deter them from even entering our abode. After much research I deemed that Irish spring soap, dryer sheets, and cinnamon do absolutely nothing.

Feeling discouraged, I kept researching to find one solitary article that recommends soaking a cotton ball in peppermint oil and filling the points of entry with it. According to them, it works.

Before we tried this solution, I would stay up late at night and WATCH the mice come into the RV, walk all over the traps, lick the peanut butter and then run between my feet while I screamed and tried to catch them in tupperware…

AFTER the peppermint oil soaked cotton balls??? Nothing – nada – they were GONE!!!!!!! It works ya’ll. I haven’t seen one mouse or one turd in this RV since this remedy.

I still clean religiously, keep my food in sealed containers, keep dirty dishes out of the sink, and most importantly – update the cotton balls once a month.

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