What to Eat in Ocean City MD

In a recent post I stated how much I love to vacation in Ocean City MD. The nostalgia of having gone there since I was a child definitely plays a part in that, but so does the food. When I’m on vacation I want quick, easy, delicious, guilty pleasure food that fills me up and make me happy. Another perk of having vacationed here for so long is that I have been able to try many a restaurant and taste their goods. 

If you are ever in Ocean City MD and want to try some delicious snacks/restaurants/desserts, then take my advice and try out these places! 

Grab and Go Taco – Ask any of my siblings where I spent the most money this past summer and this will be the answer. The battered shrimp taco with some added hot sauce was MY JAM this summer. I ate here almost every day and tried just about everything on the menu. You might have to wait in line, but these tacos are light, filling, delicious, and just plain perfect.

Fisher’s Pop Corn – Right next to taco heaven is Fishers Pop Corn – they make it fresh so that when you snap open the lid you are eating warm, melt in your mouth caramel popcorn. My personal favorite is caramel popcorn dusted in white cheddar powder – sound weird? My friends, you have no idea what you are missing out on. 

Fractured Prune – Fractured Prune donuts are a must. It is the cutest little purple and green shop that has the funniest background story. These donuts are made to order and are soft, gooey, melt in your mouth bites of heaven. I pity the fool that says they can’t have these because they are “on a diet”. My response to that garbage phrase is YOLO! (My favorites are Morning Buzz and OC Sand) 

Bayside Skillet – This is a new one for me but totally made the list. I absolutely love seafood and that is pretty much all I want to eat while vacationing at the beach. This place is known for their crepes, but I decided to go with a massive seafood omelet for brunch. Large junks of fresh crab, shrimp, and scallops were something I never thought I would eat in an omelet but now wish I would have gone back for more the next day. 

Kohr Bros Ice Cream – There are TONS of ice cream stands all over the beach but after eating at 4-5 shops (yah… I did that… YOLO) this one is hands down my favorite. I love the strawberry custard in a waffle cone. They have other incredible flavors like chocolate and peanut butter or mint and chocolate but strawberry has stolen my heart. 

Dickey’s Frozen Custard – Okay, so this one is on the board walk in Bethany Beach BUT it is hands down my favorite hand scooped ice cream. They do have custard (As mentioned above, Kohr has my heart in that department) but their hand scooped ice cream is delicious and worth the drive. 

Captain Mac’s Fish House & Seafood Market – It wouldn’t be a beach vacation if there wasn’t an evening were everyone was huddled around a paper coated table spending hours to peel and pick at an old bay covered crab. This year we tried a new “crab place” and we were not disappointed. We got a bushel of the medium crabs and with 8 of us picking at them there was still leftovers!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these places and agree OR if you have any other suggestions!

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