RV Kitchen Appliance Must Haves

When we moved into our RV it didn’t register to me that I would have to learn how to cook all over again with a propane stove and oven. For the longest time I would only make eggs or soup on the stove and absolutely nothing in the oven (we ate A LOT of take out). In fact, the one time we tried to make a frozen pizza in the oven, we almost burnt down the RV. 

I researched, googled, and Pinterested “How to cook in an RV kitchen” and pretty much got the same answer every single time – “We don’t use our RV kitchen” or “An Instant pot will solve all of your troubles”. 

Getting pretty tired of soup and eggs, I needed to put my big girl pants on and figure out my new kitchen. I needed to get comfortable, overcome my fears, and really make this RV my home. 

Here are a few tried and true kitchen appliances that I can’t imagine living without in my RV.

Electric Skillet

During a cold week in February when my husband was gone for a training exercise, our propane decided not to work. I panicked because I know absolutely nothing about the mechanics of anything. I went to the MCX (Marine Corps Exchange) and purchased an electric skillet for about 25 bucks. 

That was literally the best purchase I have ever made for our kitchen. I can and have cooked just about everything on this beauty – meatballs, chicken alfredo, eggs, pancakes, bacon, tacos, fish, and homemade tomato sauce. It is an easy clean and not a storage hog. I HIGHLY recommend an electric skillet when living in an RV. 

Electric Kettle

If you are a big tea drinker or pour over coffee drinker, then this is an RV must! Getting water to boil with a propane stove often takes forever and I hate using propane to boil water. My husband is a tea guy, and once I bought this kettle, I have picked up the habit of having an evening cup of tea as well. It is quiet and boils water quickly – not mention barely takes up any storage.

Instant Pot/Slow Cooker

Of course, I’m going to say that you “need” an Instant pot while living in an RV. We got an Instant pot purely for making rice – no joke. My husband loves stir fry’s and therefore I am making rice at least once a week. I’ve also used the Instant pot to make hard boiled eggs, macaroni and cheese, baby back ribs, numerous chicken dishes, stew, chili, and as a slow cooker. It is a large item to store so if you get it you have to be committed to using it and making it part of your regular kitchen repertoire. 

A slow cooker/crockpot has always been one of my favorite cooking appliances. I’ve made slow cooker lasagna, macaroni and cheese, roasts, breakfast casseroles, chili, meatballs, and spaghetti in it. Every home chef needs the slow cooker as a way to take a break from cooking but still have a delicious homemade meal.  

And that my friends is a small list of kitchen appliances that I couldn’t imagine living without. I use one or more of these appliances everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

Have any appliances that you use in your RV that I didn’t list? Please comment and let me know, I’m always looking for new things to try.

One thought on “RV Kitchen Appliance Must Haves

  1. When we were first married I used an electric skillet all the time! Loved the ability to set an even temperature. Probably why I prefer an electric range over gas to this day!


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