It’s Harder Than it Looks – Whole30

Eating only veggies, fruit, and meat for 30 days doesn’t seem that difficult right? I didn’t think so either until I actually tried it.

Those of you that have completed Whole30 know it is not a simple walk in the park. Melissa Hartwig (the author of “It Starts with Food” and co-founder of Whole30)says something along the lines of “Fighting cancer is hard, having a baby is hard, eating clean for 30 days is not hard.” But Gurl, living in a world that is COMPLETELY saturated in sugar, processed foods, soy, dairy, gluten… it kind of feels impossible. 

I bought and read the books, did my prep work and meal planning, bought a garlic crusher and food processor, warned my husband that I might be more irritable than usual for at least a week, and then embarked on my Whole30 journey. I was excited, motivated, and ready to be healthy. 

The first day was absolute misery. All of the symptoms that I was warned about I was experiencing, but according to the book I would experience it for at least a week… oh great. I warned my husband, asked for extra grace, and then went to bed super grumpy and wanting cheese.  

Day two – I was fine… literally fine. I felt great, energetic, and disgustingly positive. Other than some shakes and a small head ache on days 2 and 3 I was completely fine. This couldn’t be right, I had to be doing something wrong.  I went over all the ingredients and labels to see if something had hidden sugar or soy but everything I had purchased was Whole30 approved. Maybe I was eating too much fruit – so I cut fruit out for a few days. The results? Still feeling fabulous. UGH! As far as I can tell (after hours spent on the Whole30 website)I was doing everything right. I guess I wasn’t as addicted to things as I thought I was. 

So, what caused me to fail? Well, on day 8 after another move (yay for RV living), we went to a Target for some therapy. Per Target tradition, I went to Starbucks first and got an unsweetened iced matcha latte with half coconut milk and half almond milk. Ya’ll – my heart pounded, my chest hurt, and I knew I had messed up big time. I experienced quite a sugar high and then I crashed. I was devastated. 

So, I’m starting over.

I actually feel better about this “do-over”. I’ve got the ingredients and Whole30 approved “stuff” (thanks to a 350-dollar grocery trip *insert eye roll*) so it won’t be like starting over completely. Will this do-over mess with my life schedule for the next few months? Yes. Am I frustrated/devastated that a week’s worth of food, meal prepping, and will power went to waste? Absolutely. 

But, this time around I am more motivated and determined to stick to a strict Whole30 approved lifestyle. I want to earn my 30 days of clean living; I want that sense of accomplishment and pride of doing something for 30 days and doing it right – no cheating – no matcha lattes. 

One thought on “It’s Harder Than it Looks – Whole30

  1. All diets, of any kind, are filled with denial and all you think about is f.o.o.d!!! What to to fix it, etc. it consumes your thoughts!
    Two “diets” I do like…
    #1 … simply, no flour / no sugar. That’s it!
    #2 … eat what you want but watch the portions and keep it around 1200 calories per day
    Keep us posted on how your diet goes!!
    Wishing you the best! It’s always Hard!!!


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