A Different Kind of Moving Experience

Well, it is that time again, time for my family to say goodbye to the friends we just made, the church family we finally feel like a family with, and goodbye to the neighbors we bonded with over are mutual displeasure with the current RV park. 

It is moving time.

BUT – this time, instead of anxiety ridden days, tears over “the last time we have dinner in this dining room”, sleepless nights, and frantic “SHOVE EVERYTHING INTO THIS BOX AND TAPE IT BEFORE THE U-HAUL COMES”. I am sipping coffee and doing sudoku’s in the evening, taking little buddy to the pool and calmly organizing a few things before the dreaded moving day comes. 

What is this magic solution to moving so often? RVing! 

It is not all perfection of course; the military has not adjusted it’s moving regulations to deal with full time RVers. They still want to treat us like a moving truck… which means silly things like, “Unload everything in your home and weigh the RV empty then fill it back up and weigh it again full”… as if the last time we weighed our RV empty it somehow changed… *insert eye rolling*(Our solution, this time, is to just not collect the household goods incentive and not empty the RV… We are only moving under 200 miles away)

Over the course of our little military career we have moved 3ish times. Once from PA to VA, second from an apartment to an RV (VA back to PA) and then from PA to CA. Boy did we have a crazy experience. We were definitely not the smartest people. I love to make lists and be organized but in each of these moves it was overwhelming and almost unmanageable. 

How so? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. 

First move… Ya’ll I found out I was pregnant just a month before we moved. I couldn’t even bend down to put things into a box without vomiting. My job was crazy (trying to work overtime to collect as much $$ before we moved) and by the time I got home I had no energy to do anything. I had never moved on my own and was clueless to just about everything. My saint of a Mother had to pack everything… and then drive down with us to VA and unpack everything.  Did I mention that she is a saint? It took me months before I finally felt good enough to rearrange our belongings and go through the boxes of high school/college notebooks, sweet 16 birthday cards, and every little scrap of paper I saved (why oh why did you save everything Sarah?! Including your baby teeth?!) 

Second move… We were kind of anticipating this one, we just didn’t know when we would get the orders or where we would be going. When we found out we were required to move across the country and then move again after 6 months, we didn’t want to go through two moves in a year. Jokingly, I said to my husband, “Let’s move into an RV”. With no RV experience between us we decided to move into an RV. (See this post here on “Why we chose the RV lifestyle”) So now, this second move required us to get rid of almost ALL of our earthly possessions, find an RV and truck, get the loans, do the paperwork, sell our current vehicles, and learn how to live in an RV. The time frame we had was one month. Oh yes, and it was over the holidays so LOTS of closed businesses. 

We were SO blessed and excited to find someone selling a 2017 5th wheel bunkhouse AND his truck that already had all of the hauling equipment. A former military brother, he was more than happy to sell it to us and work around our crazy schedule. So, we bought an RV in Maryland, moved it to PA, and then spent the next week moving our stuff from VA to PA and into an RV. 

Third Move… Once we had everything shoved in our new RV and beautiful truck we drove across the country to Twentynine Palms CA. We were literally calling RV parks to reserve a spot as we drove to them. We stayed at national parks and dealt with exhaustion and sickness. We made it just in time to pack back up and go to AZ for Christmas. Ya’ll I was so tired of driving and moving that it was difficult to find the Christmas Spirit. But we made it! 

And that my friends are my experiences with moving. 

We’ve only been in the military for about a year and it’s been fun and crazy, which I love. I know, I know, there are even more crazy military and nonmilitary moving stories out there. One thing with the military though is that red tape *insert eye roll* There are so many boxes to check off when dealing with a PCS that it can be overwhelming and incredibly frustrating.

The more we do it, the more we learn tips and tricks to make it easier and actually make money instead of just lose it. Of course this time around all we have to do is empty the tanks, slide in the slides, hook up the truck, and head out. It will probably take us a day to get from point A to point B but that’s it. Then we are done, no boxes to unpack, no movers to yell at, no groceries to pawn off on friends.

Could it be that I am actually looking forward to this move?

One thought on “A Different Kind of Moving Experience

  1. You have a great way of writing that makes the reader anxious for the next paragraph! Love you, Lucas and little buddy, Marcus. (Grandpa Bud will think you call him that as a tribute to him!!🤣)


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