Advice from my Mom

Can anyone else agree that being a mom is hard work? Hard work but the most incredibly rewarding work that you will ever do.

Unlike a lot of people, I did not read any parenting books, tutorials, or watch a “how to be a mom video”. I honestly feel like my parenting method has been a trial and error or a “let go and let God” kind of a thing. Rest assured, my son is a healthy, happy, and active boy and I thank God every day for that. I do however, call/text my mom on a daily basis for advice or support. 

I feel like as mom I am constantly getting bombarded with “You must do this, or you are a bad mom” or “If you do this you are endangering your child”. The bombardment comes from doctors, moms who think they know better, celebrities, and random Facebook people who have no clue what they are talking about but swear by it.” 

My mother, in my opinion, is a baby/child expert. She “made” and raised seven children… seven. She started having babies in 1993 and the last kiddo was born in 2008. Literally had children in different centuries!

I decided to ask my mom just a few questions about parenting “back then” and here are her thoughts on just a few issues.

  1. When the first kiddos were born, 1993, 1995, and 1997, was there a huge push for all organic/all-natural baby products and food? 

Back then you have to acknowledge the fact that foods on the market were manufactured differently than today. You could buy more natural products without the labels stating that.  Even though the grocery industry was changing rapidly, there were still natural ingredients being used in products. The changes taking place in the food and drug industry were very real and life changing but the full effects were not being noticed yet.  

2. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds since I was a kid, has that (technology) impacted your parenting with my younger siblings that are still at home? 

Technology has certainly played a role in raising children today. As a parent you are your child’s teacher, protector, provider and source of love and support.  Technology is like a tool, how we use tools are important. When used correctly they can be a benefit and help. When used incorrectly or abused they can become harmful and dangerous. As parents we need to use our tools of technology wisely.  In the home we teach our children good Godly values. We raise them with a divine sense of right and wrong. We give them a home of love and support and do not let the computer, TV, phones iPods rule their everyday thinking or let the technology do our job as the parents. So, technology is always leaping ahead and we as parents need to be leaping ahead with our family. Our involvement is needed more than ever before.

  • What advice do you have to offer young moms? 

 Any question that you could ever have is answered in the Bible. Moms and Dads loveyour children, love is so important for children. Ask yourself – “Do I love my children or am I always on my phone, computer or Social Media?” “Do I put the phone down when I am with my children and give them my undivided attention?” 

God says to do everything in order, there is a purpose for everything. “Am I making my home orderly?”  “Is it organized, picked up, stable for my family and loved ones?” “Do I have the meals on time?”One big question today is, “Are we having a family dinner time at the table and away from distractions?”  Meal time are an important time for families to talk, listen, and simply be together. 

Children need schedules. If you have a fussy child sometimes it’s because there is no structure in the schedule or at home. Many parents today seek their own satisfaction and think their children must adapt to the parent’s schedule and just deal with it, but God says to love, train, and nurture the children. 

They are only children for a short time and then before you know it, they will grow up and be out of the home. It is hard work, but so rewarding and raising them God’s way is even greater. 

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