Coffee in a RV

When we lived in an apartment, we had multiple sources for coffee: Keurig, traditional coffee maker, french press, and espresso machine. Now, we had to decide which brew we liked best and what would fit in the RV.

Some things we considered…

  • Space – what wouldn’t take up too much space (simple enough)
  • Aesthetically pleasing – with limited space in an RV everything has to be practical but also pleasing to the eye. So why not make it a piece of art.
  • Taste – which mode of brewing coffee taste the best (duh – this one is the most important)
  • Expense – which method of brewing coffee costs more?!

We decided on two – the Keurig and a pour over, however, the Keurig gave us two options – a single cup and carafe.

Why the Keurig? Well, as you can see it’s pretty, the different options of brewing, the variety of coffees/specialty drinks we can make, and convenience.

We had a pretty great system going in our apartment (before baby), my husband would wake up early and brew 8-10 cups. He would leave me about 1-2 cups of coffee and if there was any extra I would put it in the fridge for an afternoon ice coffee (have I mentioned how much I love coffee?)

Since our little buddy made his appearance (about one year ago) my sleeping schedule has been all over the place. Our coffee routine went out the window and I felt like we were wasting SO MUCH coffee *insert crying face*. I had jars and jars of ice coffee in the fridge and no time to drink it and my husband just kept making more – so down the drain it went. (Trust me, I would tell him not to make me any but, bless his heart, he was so tired and trying to be nice he just kept making it)

SO – with the Keurig, he can make a carafe or a cup at the butt crack of dawn and I can make a cup or two at a normal morning hour… like 7:30. It’s fresh and we can even pick what kind of flavor/coffee we want. A win-win! We do know it was probably the most expensive option but we are happy with how things are going so far.

Our second pick is a pour over for those slow Saturday mornings when we can cuddle on the couch and slowly sip our velvety smooth brew.

I believe I bought this at Target because I had seen it on Friends and always wondered how it worked/what it tasted like. It makes a delicious brew and is easy to clean. Also, it is by far the cheapest option.

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