Tuscan Salmon

I love to cook.

I like to start with something like a meat or maybe a veggie and then slowly piece together a recipe in my mind until I get the nerve to try and actually make that thought a reality.

Cooking in an RV definitely presented some challenges for me to overcome, but, for the most part it is just like cooking “in a normal house”.

One meal that is my absolute favorite to make and turns out delicious every single time is Tuscan Salmon. Now, I hate those blog posts that spend 3 years explaining why they love a recipe or how their day went before they cooked the meal, SO, without further ado I will post the video that inspired my take on the Tuscan Salmon.

Some things that I do differently with this recipe is the portion sizes of the ingredients. For starters I only put maybe half of the required tomatoes in there. They are pretty acidic and my husband hates them, so I basically only put them in there for looks. I then add almost double the amount of spinach, garlic, heavy whipping cream, and parmesan cheese. To be honest, I usually don’t measure when I cook, I just put in what “feels right”. I also don’t use any lemon, once again, too much acid.

I like to add extra cream and cheese because I want more sauce. I make this recipe with noodles (I used the mini farfalle noodles because the mini ones looked cute… literally that is the only reason why) and some kind of veggie such as green beans or broccoli. I know the recipe has a lot of spinach in it, but the salmon isn’t filling enough on its own and I’ve got a Marine to fuel.

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!

One thought on “Tuscan Salmon

  1. I like your tone in writing. I also like how you have under the video additions and changes you make to the recipe. Whenever I use a recipe from the Internet, I often look at comments to see what other people do to change the recipe. I like how your menu makes it easy to find different information. Thank you for your post!


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