Cherry Blossoms – Washington D.C.

Tis the season for millions of people to flock to Washington D.C. to the view the picturesque cherry blossoms.  Last year, we were stationed on the East Coast and so we decided to take advantage of this beautiful bloom in our backyard and go check it out.

If you are not easily deterred by crowds, claustrophobic, and can stand/walk for long periods of time then I would 100% recommend it to you. There were people everywhere – it was so hard to walk around the Tidal Basin let alone get a picture. There were people with strollers taking up most of the sidewalk, people on skateboards and scooters zipping through causing congestion, YouTubers trying to film videos right in a prime viewing spot, and tons and tons and tons of cameras.

fullsizeoutput_340eI know I just made it sound horrible, BUT – It. Is. Beautiful.

When we visited I was 9 months pregnant and I walked around the entire Basin (roughly 2 miles) and meandered through each of the memorials – The Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Washington Monument. As tired as I was afterwards, I would do it again in a heart beat.

IMG_1120Some Things to Make It Easier

  1. Have an Itinerary – Know where you are going to eat, bathroom stops, & coffee stops so that you don’t waste any time and can enjoy your visit.
  2. Use Spot Hero – Spot Hero is one of my favorite apps that allows you to reserve a parking spot a head of time at a discounted rate. I LOVE this app, because when you are going to a busy city knowing that you already have a parking spot is a relief.
  3. Don’t Bring A lot – You will want to be hands free for picture taking and it will make it so much easier to move in the crowd.
  4. Just know that there is going to be a lot of people and try to be gracious. 


3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms – Washington D.C.

  1. That looks like such a fun excursion! I’m not sure if I could brave the crowds but I guess if I was going with the right people, I could handle it.
    I love your blog so much! Are you going to continue it after our class is over? I will definitely follow it if you are!


  2. What?! I had no idea there were Cherry blossoms in DC, I had to quickly google this, and I remembered the gifts from Japan to America some years ago. This is still on my bucket list and I think I will arrange it to wait for when these amazing flowers blossom. Also that is a great long walk for you. I am sure it helped so much when having the baby. This is so awesome that you can just drive and park somewhere, I want to visit you and your RV. love your blog!


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