Grand Canyon – 2018

Our first big trip with our RV was a trip across America from Quantico VA to Twentynine Palms CA. Of course, we wanted to make a few stops along the way. Having grown up along the east coast, a trip out west with a large family just wasn’t practical. I told my husband that no matter what we had to make time to visit the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is breathtaking, indescribable, an unimaginable beauty to behold. When we were there I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that I was looking at the actual Grand Canyon. I’d seen pictures of it so I knew what it looked like, but actually looking at it… wow. I encourage everyone to make the time to visit – it isn’t up for debate, you have to visit!

I will post a larger article later elaborating on the details of the trip with a RV and a 8 month old baby, but for now please enjoy a few of the many… many… many… pictures I took.

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