Hanging Décor in a RV

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle… a vehicle that is meant to be on the road, moving, rattling, shaking. It was important for me that the RV be practical but still decorated because it is my home. To me, decorations are more than just something to cover a bare wall – they are pieces of art that bring me joy or spark happy memories. They are something practical such as a fruit basket or something to hold the mail. I wanted the RV to be my cozy little home and not my grandparents vacation rental. Therefore, I needed an efficient and practical way to decorate my walls with happiness. 

In an articlefrom the blog, “RV Inspiration” I found the solution to my problems: Acrylic Mounting Tape.

A double-sided tape that is rated to hold 5lb of mass per square inch. It is weather proof, wall safe (no damage or residue left), and SO EASY to use.  I got my tape from Amazonfor $13.99 for 450 inches. I have used it for just about everything and still haven’t gone through one role.  

I have tried Command Hooks, but it seems like the only ones that will hold are the heavy duty, thick strips (to be exact the Command Medium Wire Toggle Hooksholding maximum 2lb). If you want to hang something small or see through, this will simply not do because it is ugly! No joy is gained through seeing a big plastic hook behind a pretty picture. I have used it for larger signs that will cover the hook as well as my cork board. So far, I have never had an issue with these hooks. However, any other kind of command hook has given me multiple heart attacks when my fruit baskets come crashing down the wall in the middle of the night. (ruining my fruit too I might add).

The Wire Toggle Command Hooks
My Fruit baskets – command hooks AND the tape

My Spices – The “glue” that came with them fell down -Acrylic Tape to the Rescue!

Some things to keep in mind when hanging décor on a thin RV wall is the exposure to the elements. When it is warm outside, expect your walls to heat up as well. The same goes for the cold. The drastic change in temperature causes the sticky adhesive to contract and expand losing its grip. I currently live in a desert so there are very hot days and very cold nights – I have noticed this issue with my décor, especially on the slides. 

If you have a better product you would like to recommend, please share either by commenting or sending me a personal message!

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