Why We Chose Full Time RV Living

When I first told my Mom that Lucas and I were considering selling all of our furniture, minimizing our personal belongings and moving into a RV full time, she didn’t even acknowledge me! As a matter of fact, when we told anyone our RV aspirations, they did not take us seriously. The crazier people thought we were, the more we wanted to pursue it. 

Buying an RV and a big ole truck is the equivalent of a small mortgage and when deciding whether that would be a good investment, we had to discuss what our goals were for our future. We knew we wanted to get out of debt soon to be debt free, that we wanted to invest in experiences over stuff, and that we wanted to start living a minimalist lifestyle.  All of these things can be accomplished without living in an RV, but it’s a lot easier to be a minimalist when you only have one drawer to put your clothes in.    

The day we bought our 5th Wheel “Sabrina”

  What prompted Lucas and I to even consider moving into a RV was the fact that the Marines told us to move across the country within a month. We knew this move was only going to be a temporary one and the thought of packing everything up twice within one year was daunting, frustrating, depressing … the list goes on. So, I think you could say that two things that inspired us to move into an RV full time were that moving sucks and sometimes the military makes you move without a lot of notice.

Imagine being told you have one month to move and the only thing you have to do is to slide in the slides and hook up the RV. No movers, no frantic rush to try and find housing near base or on base (which is never available on short notice), no weeks of packing and telling your husband that dumping everything in one unmovable box is NOT considered packing. Yes, the RV life was looking pretty good.

In the end we decided, “why not”.

Why can’t we “break the norm” and be spontaneous? Why can’t we free ourselves from stuff, focus on paying off debt, and explore the outdoors. 

For us, it was now or never. We only have one child and probably the least amount of stuff that we would ever own in our lives. So, after hours and hours of research and consulting experienced RVer’s we purchased our first 5thWheel and truck in November of 2018. We kept saying, “I can’t believe we just did this” or looking at each other and saying, “We are really doing this”. Exhausted, worn out, inexperienced, but inspired – within two weeks of owning our RV we took on a trip across America and with that, all of our doubts and fears disappeared.

Taken right before we left for our cross country trip.

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3 thoughts on “Why We Chose Full Time RV Living

  1. WOW! this is so inspiring! When I made decition to travel to America for school, It was scary and I have never left the islands to any where! but as soon as I got on the plane, I had to keep going, scared, tears all emotions were present during my walk from one gate to the other, but here I am going to graduate. God is so good! and your story is so awesome! I love this very much!


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